Saturday, September 13, 2008

something the election might be good for

Our hero Vox has a great take on the presidential election face-off. Unfortunately, that's what it is: a face-off between two morons, while many better candidates go ignored and millions of thinking people of all political stripes wonder why we even bother with the charade of electing one terrible leader after another. But Vox has stepped in to rescue us from our misery by providing this new way of viewing the election:
Since Americans collectively have negligible interest in anything that might help them avoid their societal plunge off the cliff, I'm primarily looking to see them maximize my entertainment experience.
Good call Vox, me too! That's pretty much the extent of the usefulness of mainstream society these days, so why not at least try to derive some enjoyment from the madness? I just hope my enjoyment doesn't turn to misery when these hordes of clowns finally finish tearing down the foundations of our society, key word there being "our"...

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

finally, something worth reading about

Here's desperately needed proof that not all political news is bad. If only the vast majority of voters were not hopeless idiots incapable of thinking outside the media's box. Let us all hope that the Campaign for Liberty really takes flight, while at the same time admitting such would take nothing less than a miracle in this nation of sheep we live in...

is college really worthwhile?

Awesome comment thread over at Dr. Helen's about higher education and its merits. Just awesome.

Commenter "joe" really hit the nail on the head:
Overall, college is a huge drain on our economy. While there is a trick-down effect, most the direct monies go to people who aren't adding to the GDP.
Holy crap, tell me that isn't right on! That guy be speakin' TRUTH!!

And here's another tidbit:
Part of the problem with college is that it usually happens at age 18. Nobody knows what they heck they're doing at 18, no one knows what kind of adult they'll be, what they really want. And your choice of college and major have huge, seemingly (to many people) irreversible consequences. I know way too many people who got trapped by their choices made not even at 18 but at 17 or 16, that determined the course or their entire life. After you drop 10 years and a couple hundred thousand dollars on becoming a doctor, what do you do if you don't like being a doctor? For many people, it means just being an unhappy doctor. For 40 years. Scary.

I see a lot of people like Larry J who entered college later, as more mature people, and made choices that are better for them in the long run.
Again, right on. That's the most profound thing you'll read all day. Too bad some lessons are only learned the hard way.

Anyway, this topic deserves hours of rambling, but I'll cut it short for now. But if you do nothing else today, go read a few comments. There are some good ones in there for sure.

Monday, September 01, 2008

warning: housing market about to go under

How do I know? Because I just jumped in, that's how. Anyone who knows my fortunes when it comes to...well, anything...knows that nothing could be a more ominous sign of an impending housing crunch than yours truly entering the market. My timing is surely legendary by now.

Anyway, just had an offer accepted on this place over there in Bellevue, close to where other Sharpe's have already invaded. As long as the financing and inspection and all go through okay--and I sure don't anticipate any surprises there--then I'll own it in a month. Looks like a steal too, if everything holds up. (I figure I'll keep saying "if" so as not to jinx anything until the deal's final.)

Basically, I set out early on in my quest to locate reasonably priced (i.e. far from where I've resided recently) houses to get three things: uniqueness/character, lot size, and garage/storage space, not necessarily in that order. This one offers the latter two in mammoth quantities, far more so than could normally be expected for the area for sure. It seems to offer the first in the way of a good inside and even some bricks on the outside, but it's hard to tell that sort of thing without having seen it in person. (For those of you trying to keep up, yes, I am attempting to purchase a house I've never visited. But I'm told it's as nice as the pics make it out to be and more.) But the "custom" basement, deck, decent landscaping (shocking that's not shown in the pics), wood floors, and other sweet amenities should really add touch to the place. Not to mention the garage, lot size, lot size, garage, and lot size certainly plus up the uniqueness element too.

I was prepared to need to put in some work on a place (floors, painting, whatever) to bring it up to speed, but this one looks quite boring in that regard in that it doesn't need anything. Maybe I'll invent something to do or tear up a wall or something just to feel like I should mess with it. Coming up with pie-in-the-sky ideas that are barely possible much less feasible is a special skill of mine.

Overall, a good buy, if I do say so myself. Kinda ticks me off that I can't have it out here--would sure be a help with the housing situation and the meeting other peeps dilemma. Now, as long as all the pieces fall into place as they ought to...