Sunday, September 17, 2006

da bears

For those of you who don't follow football, it's worth noting here that the Bears have smashed their first two opponents by a combined score of 60-7, and last week's shutout of the (admittedly very weak) Packers at Lambeau was the first game in the last 234 Packers games that Green Bay failed to score. And, of all improbable things, Rex Grossman is on fire so far. When was the last time Chicago had a QB who could actually do some damage? Been a while for sure...until now. All hail the almighty, invincible Chicago Bears!

With a trip to Vegas coming in the next couple of weeks, I probably ought to take a serious look at the going odds for da Bears in da Stupid Bowl. And I wonder where that will be this's not too early to start pricing tix if you're a Bears fan.

Jesse's Way-Too-Early Stupid Bowl Prediction: Colts 26, Bears 16. The Bears are good enough, and after last year's crash they ought to get there this time around. (Soldier Field in January? That's REAL home field advantage, baby.) But I can't see that D holding up against the Colts' always-explosive offense. Hopefully Indy won't botch it all like they did last year. Assuming they don't, come postseason time they should be ready and looking to make amends for last season's disappointment.