Sunday, August 09, 2009

i love logan

I predicted this the moment I bought my tickets. I'm sitting in Detroit waiting to board my flight to Boston Logan and--surprise!--it's freakin' delayed. Shocker. That makes me 4-for-4 on my last four encounters with Logan. Outgoing delayed flight that resulted in me missing happy hour with former co-workers, check. Two-hour incoming delay on the return flight that resulted in me getting home at about 1:30 am, check. Outgoing delay that cost me a connection and resulted in a couple of lost hours on this weekend's short trip, check. Ongoing delay getting out of here back to Boston in advance of another hectic week of long hours at work before yet another flight out, check.

At least I'm flying out of Providence next weekend. Logan sucks. As with many other things, the capital of Hackachusetts is leading the way in poor service when it comes to airports. Go Massport!

Avoid that airport if at all possible, folks. You'll be better off for it.


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