Thursday, June 18, 2009


Just mined this gem from the comment thread at a good Novaseeker post about some fembot's wailing about how her divorce "just happened" and whatnot, apparently through little or no fault of her know the story. Another one of those. Anyway, on to the good stuff, courtesy of Whiskey:

We are indeed looking at the end of marriage. Talk about reforming divorce, custody, alimony is a fantasy. There is not enough political willpower, demographic strength, or anything approaching organizational effectiveness to do this. To create that, every politician must be afraid of losing his/her seat and gravy train in order to vote for that program of reform. Against a hostile media dominated by women.

Not going to happen.


We just have to adjust. To a culture of single motherhood, zero fatherly investment in kids, pump and dump, the usual violent matriarchal societies.

Them be prophetic words there. We can all see it coming, it's just a matter of time--for the societal effects to set in, I mean. The demeaning of marriage has already been accomplished enough for society to suffer; whether or not marriage itself weathers the coming storm as anything more than a loose business partnership remains to be seen.


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