Tuesday, January 03, 2006

turbulence = good

Here's a departure from the norm...yesterday was probably the worst flying day of my life but I'll mention the good part of it. One thing I learned is that heavy turbulence rocks when you're in an airplane. Maybe I'm the only person on the planet that thinks so but forget what everyone else says. It's like a good coaster with the sudden drops and wicked turns, and even better in the sense that you can't see them coming.

For example, during last night's flight from Chicago to Baltimore, the plane dipped and turned unexpectedly several times, and on a few occasions I actually got some air time. I mean good air time too, the kind that can actually be scary ("ejector air" in coaster terms). How could I have expected to buy a ticket and get a free thrill ride with the deal? Sure, the flight could have been more exciting with more storms to fly through, but it was at least good enough that I didn't even notice the crying baby until about halfway through.

So although the trip home sucked overall, that experience was at least worth writing about. Next time I just need to remember to have my seat belt loose at takeoff so I don't miss out on the first drop. Now remember, kids, the lesson for the day is to do one's best to get on the flights with the best chance of going through rough weather.