Tuesday, July 28, 2009

as if i needed more demotivation

I'm not one to hang around kids much anyway. Not that I dislike children or whatever, it's just that they seem to require tons of emotion and silliness to really relate to, and I don't have an abundance of either. So it's not like I was previously lining up to do nursery duty on Sunday mornings or whatever. But anyway, here's another reason to not spend too much time with kids. Sad...very sad. And as a single guy, I have to figure that the older I get, the "creepier" I'll get in the eyes of lots of folks, and I could even be an easy target for a life-destroying charge of harassment or abuse or whatever. Awesome...I just love living in a matriarchy.

The fact that our society still exists after all these decades of crap, not to mention its detrimental influence on other societies around the world, kinda makes me question God's justice sometimes. Ah well, we will all have the privilege of answering for our actions eventually.


Sunday, July 05, 2009

white mountains

Finally got around to uploading some pics from last weekend's hiking trip along a portion of the Appalachian Trail in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. (For those who care and/or know the area, we stayed at some AMC huts between Franconia and Crawford Notches.) Good stuff...even if the weather did suck pretty much the whole time. Hiking in mud and across slick rocks is tougher than hiking across dirt and dry rock. And it's even more arduous with a large pack on your back that never wants to behave as you expect it to when you're on all fours crossing boulders, trying to balance your way across streams and mud pits (of which there were plenty), struggling up large rocks with little or no footholds, or simply trying to avoid getting yourself maimed or killed. But it was well worth the effort and workout, even for a guy like me who realized he's not as young and in shape as he once was. The views were great (when the fog lifted enough to allow views, at least), the company was cool, and I succeeded in getting out of the rut for a few days and doing some outdoors stuff. Need to do more of that for sure.

Next up: the entire AT, whenever I next find myself with several months off. I'm almost hoping I get laid off this coming winter in time to plan for a spring-summer trek. Almost.

On to some pics...